At Cartwheels & Coffee, it's our goal to provide a quality recreational experience for children and a pleasant meeting place for adults.




Our Story:


Cartwheels & Coffee is owned by Area 10 Faith Community, a church that began meeting in September 2008 in the historic Byrd Theatre. There are so many reasons why meeting in the Byrd is fantastic! It's a beautiful, historic building that's locally owned and operated and it's a Richmond landmark. And while we are ecstatic about meeting in The Byrd, it has one major drawback for us: a lack of space for kids classes. So we went looking for a place nearby with room for kids as well as our church office.


Ultimately, we wanted to provide something useful to our community that wasn't already here.


And so the idea for Cartwheels & Coffee was born.


While we love our neighborhood and all it has to offer in terms of fun stuff like restaurants and shops -- not to mention necessary stuff like grocery stores, banks, and the like -- the one thing it seemed to be missing was a good option for parents with small children. We thought it would be great to have somewhere to take the kids where they could run around and play without damaging merchandise, disturbing other patrons and generally embarrassing their parents.


And how great would it be if that place was also a decent place for adults?  Not an explosion of Barney-inspired cartoon craziness, but a pleasant place to drink a cup of coffee and talk with other neighborhood parents about life, love and the joy of raising children. And that's why Cartwheels & Coffee is here. To be a place for our community to gather –young and old alike- and share in the joy of being neighbors.  


We hope you enjoy the place.